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Who is Oderno Wardrobes?

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Oderno Wardrobes is disrupting the wardrobe industry by offering a unique collection of trending and traditional sliding wardrobes. Unlike other retailers who offer a huge range of products, add-ons, variations and prices, Oderno Wardrobes, excels in quality and service by focusing on its core values, craftsmanship and timeless designs. 

What product do you offer?

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We offer five collections of sliding wardrobes, in standard and made to measure sizes, compromising of sliding wardrobe doors, interiors and framing kits. 

Why should I choose Oderno Wardrobes?

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Oderno Wardrobes is a family owned business so we still deliver that personal touch that others can't. By avoiding the 'everything and anything' approach we can deliver you beautiful collections and excellent customer support, with no hidden costs or extra add-ons. We are upfront about who we are and what we offer.


Do you offer made to measure doors?

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Yes, each of our collections is available in made to measure sizes. You can view our support section of the website and each products specification to view the specific detail regarding sizing. 

Do you offer angled doors?

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Yes, our wardrobes are available in an angled design. You can view our Assembly Guide which explains how you can measure for angled doors. 

What is included with my Sliding Wardrobes?

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This depends on your selection. Our sliding wardrobe door prices include the doors, frame and track. Please see the support section of our website for more information regarding our sliding wardrobe doors, wardrobe interiors and wardrobe framing kits


How do I measure my wardrobe space?

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We have created an Assembly Guide to help you measure the space your sliding wardrobes will be fitted to. Please visit the support section of our website to view these guides & brochures. Note these are guides only and that is it the responsibility of the customer to ensure measurements are taken and submitted correctly.

What if I submit the incorrect measurements?

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Due to lead times on our doors and interiors, we process our orders very quickly so that customers can begin to enjoy their new wardrobe. If you submit the incorrect measurements it's important that you contact us immediately with your order number, correct measurements, and contact details (name, contact number and email). We cannot guarantee that this will be received in time, but we will try our best. Errors made by the customer cannot be exchanged or refunded. 


Can you recommend a professional installer?

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Unfortunately we are unable to recommend a professional installer. You can search for carpenters through online trade directories.

Do I need a professional installer?

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If you require a professional finish, we would always recommend using a certified tradesman. However, if you have the confidence and are a keen DIYer our Assembly Guide can support you with self-installation. 

Do you offer an installation service?

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Currently, we do not offer a fitting service for our wardrobes.

Can I purchase Sliding Wardrobes for self-installation?

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We always recommend using a qualified tradesman, however, if you plan on fitting your own wardrobes you can still purchase these with us. Our Assembly Guide can support you.

What equipment will I need to fit my wardrobes?

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We recommend the following tools; Allan Key, Bradawl, Ceiling fixings, Crosshead Screwdriver, Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Drill, Fine Toothed Handsaw or Jigsaw, Fixing Blocks, Long spirit level, Panel Adhesive, Pencil, Rawl Plugs, Screws, Tape Measure. (Tools not supplied)

Do you offer any guarantees?

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Yes, our wardrobes come with a 10-year guarantee. We are unable to offer any guarantees on fitting supplied by a third party or damage caused by self-installation.  

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship overseas?

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Currently we ship to Mainland UK only.

What is the cost of shipping?

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We offer Free Delivery on all wardrobe doors, interiors and framing kits. 

What is the lead time for your sliding wardrobes?

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As our wardrobes are made to order our lead time can take up to 28 calendar days, this is dependent on seasonal fluctuations and demand.  However, we will try our best to deliver these more quickly.

What time of the day do you deliver?

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We deliver within the core hours of 8am to 6pm, and our third-party courier service will contact you 30 minutes prior to their arrival. 

What happens if I am out when you deliver my sliding wardrobes?

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If you are not in when we deliver your wardrobes, we will re-arrange a new delivery date for you at a cost of £96. 

Can you leave the items in a safe place?

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No, as these items are of high value, we require an adult to sign for the item. 

My wardrobes are faulty, what should I do?

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If you believe your items to be faulty, please contact us online and share evidence (photos) to Please visit our full Terms & Conditions of Sale for more details. 

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

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You can view our full Terms & Conditions of Sale for information on refunds. 


Activator Pegs

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Activator pegs are small components that sit within the top track and activate the soft close mechanism. 

Each activator peg has a small plastic tab on one side and it is this tab, that the soft close mechanism works against. 

Aperture & Opening

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The opening is the size of the area in which your wardrobe will reside.

The aperture is the final size of the space in which your wardrobes will reside. The aperture size takes into consideration all liners and end panels that form a frame for your doors to then be fitted to. 

Our Assembly Guide details how to measure for your wardrobes. 


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A bradawl is a sharp tool used to mark holes with. 

CD Fixings

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CAM Dowel fixings are components used to fix MFC boards together. 

Ceiling Fixings

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Ceiling fixings are components used to enable screwing into plasterboard, where no joists are available. 

Ceiling Infills

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Ceiling infills are used to achieve a level ceiling surface for fitting. 

Door Positioners

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Door positioners are used to ensure the doors, sit in their final position, when shut. 

End Panel

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End Panels provide a decorative cover for the side of your wardrobe if your doors aren't being installed from wall to wall.

Fascia Strips

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Self-adhesive strips fastened to the front edge of the top track to provide a decorative finish, used to prevent the top track from being visible

Fixing Blocks

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These are small blocks used to fit end panels or other required components to the wall. 

Liners (ceiling, floor & wall)

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Liners are required to create a frame, for your wardrobe doors.

Liners vs End Panel

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Liners are used to line ceilings, floors and walls allowing the tracks to be fitted to and doors to close against.

End panels are used to create a decorative end/ frame for your wardrobes to reside. 

Packing & Planing

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A technique used to tackle uneven surfaces and to obtain a level frame/ aperture for your wardrobes. 

Rawl Plugs

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Rawl Plugs are used in masonry walls to obtain a fixing. 

Running Mechanisms (top & bottom rollers)

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The mechanisms sit on the top & bottom of the doors to allow the doors to slide within the tracks. 

Soft Close

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The mechanism that allows the door to close softly. 

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